Cavallo Equestrian® Wa

Pro-CE Bell Boots

$39.74 USD
Anatomically shaped to the horses fetlock,coronet and hoof area,to provide comfort and protection from over reaching,stepping on heel bulb or strikes.
Our traditional bell boot design are perfect for every day training and competition riding.
  • Available in Crisp White
  • Outer Hard shell is flexible,extremely light yet strong BASF TPU which is used for protection from shoes,hooves,knocks,hits,strikes or jump poles.
  • Extremely flexible and comfortable for the horse to work in during training or shows and events.
  • Specially designed for entire coronet,hoof wall and heel bulb region protection
  • Ensures your horse get extra stability during daily or rigorous activities
  • Helps to decrease the chances of sustaining injuries
  • Helps to Protect and support  your horse from extreme activities
  • Anatomically-shaped to provide comfort and natural feel on the horse
  • Neoprene Air Flow inner lining,to maximise ventilation and help decrease the horses fetlock or coronet,heel bulb areas from  overheating during work.
  • The 1cm Microperforated 4% Neoprene fabric - contains air holes to reflect body heat,Ultrashock TM mesh lining foam allows excess heat to escape during exercise and increase circulation to coronet.
  • Breathable Ventilation
  • Velcro closures means No budging,No slipping
  •  Shapes perfectly to the horse's fetlock. Perfect combination of fetlock support,coronet and heel bulb protection.
  • Heavy duty Elastic Polyester
  • Shock-Absorbing Duro Plastic
  • Cavallo Equestrian®Wa  Logos for the perfect equine style
  • Do not use cleaning products or damaging bleach that cause damage or discolouration,as this voids warranty,read all cleaning products carefully before use,as this is the customers responsibility to care for your boots.

The best bell boots boots provide the backs of your horse’s heel bulb with support and protection from strikes and blows that are caused by clashing opposing legs and hind hooves. This part of your horse’s foot is particularly vulnerable to injury as the majority of soft tissue  run down the back of the hoove.

*Price is per Pair*

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