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Customer Guarantee

Consumer guarantees

  • Businesses must meet a set of basic rights when they sell products or services.
  • These basic rights are called Consumer Guarantees They are included in the Australian Consumer Law.
  • Consumers automatically receive these consumer guarantees when they buy goods and services.
  • It is unlawful for businesses to mislead consumers about these rights.
What is a customer guarantee?
A consumer guarantee is an automatic right given to consumers buying a product or service. By exchanging money for the product/service, consumers are entitled to a product/service that is safe and without fault, that looks acceptable and performs as expected.

A product sold to a consumer must be of acceptable quality.

Acceptable quality means the product:

  • is safe, durable and free from defects
  • has an acceptable appearance and finish
  • does everything that similar products are commonly used for.

There are no set rules for deciding whether a product is of acceptable quality, or how long a product should last for. To decide whether a product meets this expectation, consider questions like:

  • What kind of product is it, and how does it compare to similar products?
  • What is it made of and how was it made, and how does this compare to similar products?
  • How much did it cost, and how does it compare to products of a similar price?
  • What maintenance may be needed to keep the product operating?
  • Did the business or manufacturer make any claims about quality, or how long the product could last for?
  • Did the business warn the consumer about any defects, or warn against the product’s use in a certain manner?
  • How old is the product, and how long do similar products normally last?
  • Was the product sold new or second-hand?
  • Has the product been used in a way it wasn’t designed for?

For more information and help in deciding whether a product may meet the ‘durable’ or ‘safe’ parts of the consumer guarantee of acceptable quality, the following guides explain these things in more detail, including examples.



If a business or manufacturer makes extra promises about the quality, condition, performance or characteristics of a product, they must meet these promises. This applies whether the promises are spoken or written.

These extra promises are legally known as express warranties.

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