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Cleaning & Maintenance

    How do you clean saddle pads,Halters & boots?

Answer: We recommend the following for all products: Hand wash and/or hose off the products with a pressure nozzle.

If necessary, use a mild liquid soap to remove excess dirt and sweat. Woolite® or horse shampoo work well. Rinse the products well with cold water and allow them to air-dry.

When drying saddle pads, place them on a rail or fence with the bottom side up. This helps protect the outside fabric from fading.


*Machine washing can causes' damage and voids the warranty*

*Using bleaches that discolour your product voids the warranty,as this is a consumer fault not manufacturing*

Washing machines use an agitator to clean garments and exert great force while washing them.The agitator will ruin stitching,glues,crystal's,velcro and the quality of the products.

How do you clean White Pads & Boots?

  • Ans: We recommend the following for all products: 
  • Machine washing can cause damage and voids the warranty.
  • DO NOT USE harsh chemicals containing high concentrations of (NaClO- sodium hypochlorite) or strong bleach based,sprays, powders or liquid. (Chlorine bleach)as they can cause discolouration on white fabrics,polyester material,wool,silk and many other synthetic fibres
  • CHEMICALS' USED that discolour your boots voids warranty replacements,this is not a manufacturing fault!
  • Our boots have been tested in many whitening powders,sprays and liquids, so we know which products are safe and keeps boots white and clean
  • READ the back of your wash products for warning labels
  • USE only Safe whitening cleaning products on your boots
  • Rinse well with clean water & air dry

IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER of the product to apply correct care and maintenance of their products.

All our products have care instructions on their tags and as well as flyer that comes with the purchased product.

Cavallo Equestrian® Wa will only replace products due to manufacture faults or as deemed fit by us.

We endeavour to provide high quality products and information to our customers,we are always available to chat and discuss any needs or questions you may have.

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