Our New Compression Hybrid Breeches WITH Award winning Innovation Fabric & gel Seat


Pro-CE Air Flow Tendon & Bell Boots

  • The 1cm Microperforated 4% Neoprene fabric -contains air holes to reflect body heat,Ultrashock TM Mesh lining allows excess heat to escape during exercise and increase circulation to muscles and tendons.
  • Outer Hard shell is flexible,extremely light yet strong BASF TPU which is used for protection from shoes,hooves,knocks,hits,strikes or jump poles.
  • Anatomically-shaped Right & Left to provide comfort and natural feel on the horse,can be used on fronts & hinds.
  • Non heating 1cm thick innovate fabric,ensures breathability.
  • 4 pin closures means No budging,No slipping
  • Perfect combination of shock absorption for the fetlock & tendon region.
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Credit K Padberg- Featuring PHP Fascination (Stunning Mare)


Our New Crystal Silver & Rose Gold Belts

Hybrid Base Layer

Carmine-Performance Active Hybrid Training Base Layer

Cavallo Equestrian® Wa

Carmine-Performance Active Hybrid Training Base Layer

$79.99 AUD

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Air Flow Tendon Boots

Air Flow Tendon boots ,breathable mesh foam inside the inner boot, for optimum protection and comfort for the horse,

Competition Bell Boots

Air Flow Bell Boots

Air flow mesh foam inner lining provides a smooth moisture wicking surface for the horses pastern,