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Cavallo Equestrian Wa-Schooling Training Brushing Boots Collections  Fur Faux inside the inner boot, for optimum protection and  comfort for the horse...

Pro -CE Tendon Boots & Bell Boots

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Cavallo Equestrian Wa-Schooling Training /Show Pro-CE Tendon & Bell Boots Collections

For optimum protection & comfort for the horse...

Having Been Assessed by Quality & Environmental Certification LTD

 Quality Management System was confirmed to be in COMPLIANCE with

                                    BS   EN   ISO  9001  :2015

Registration is authorized on condition that the certification rules and regulations issued to them are adhered to: APPROVED

Our tendon and bell boots are LEGAL to use in competition,racing sports,

Please check your regulations on closures for the discipline of competitive or racing equestrian sports,as some sports are different.

Continued scientific testing into the heat transfer and dispersion of the lower limbs and wearing our boots, Our boots do not overheat the limbs while horse is being worked.

Factors from environment (hot Days 38 degrees + ,we believe no horses should not be worked in these extreme temperatures.

Owners need to factor in the health and physical fitness of their horse when using any boots,A fit horse will disperse sweat and evaporation easier than an unfit horse. Bio-mechanics and metabolism are huge factors in exercise.So be aware of your horses abilities with in their own bodies.

Airflow from the resistance against the moving limb is forced into the TM Mesh and perforated holes,cooling the body and then dispersing heat out wards.The horses body regulates and maintains a steady comfortable temperature to themselves metabolism.

Science has proven that in any exercise there needs to be circulation,which creates warmth to loosen and stretch the ligaments and muscles.Without good blood flow and circulation can cause tightness,stiffness and lack of mobility.Our boots are not just protective,breathable,but therapeutic to the horse and a great medical tool.The boots can be utilized in may ways in recovery,to protecting injuries. Innovation fabrics and design create the best safe boots for our equine athlete friend to use.

Specifications:Outer Hard shell is flexible,extremely light yet strong BASF TPU which is used for protection from shoes,hooves,knocks,hits,strikes or jump poles.
Extremely flexible and comfortable for the horse to work in during training or shows and events.
Specially designed for entire flexion tendon region protection
Ensures your horse get extra stability during daily or rigorous activities
Helps to decrease the chances of sustaining injuries
Helps to Protect and support your horse from extreme activities
Anatomically-shaped to provide comfort and natural feel on the horse
Neoprene Air Flow inner lining,to maximize ventilation and help decrease the horses tendons overheating during work.
The 1 cm Micro-perforated 4% Neoprene fabric - contains air holes to reflect body heat,Ultra-shock TM mesh lining allows excess heat to escape during exercise and increase circulation to muscles and tendons.
Breathable Ventilation
4 pin closures means No budging,No slipping
Quick release buckle secure lock system straps
Shapes perfectly to the horse's leg. Perfect combination of fetlock support and tendon protection.
Heavy duty Elastic Polyester
Shock-Absorbing Duro Plastic
Can be used on front and hind legs-Anatomically-shaped with Right & Left Leg Indicators on the boots.


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