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Our New Compression Hybrid Breeches


Pro-CE Air Flow Tendon Boots

  • The 1cm Microperforated 4% Neoprene fabric -contains air holes to reflect body heat,Ultrashock TM Mesh lining allows excess heat to escape during exercise and increase circulation to muscles and tendons.
  • Outer Hard shell is flexible,extremely light yet strong BASF TPU which is used for protection from shoes,hooves,knocks,hits,strikes or jump poles.
  • Anatomically-shaped Right & Left to provide comfort and natural feel on the horse,can be used on fronts & hinds.
  • Non heating 1cm thick innovate fabric,ensures breathability.
  • 4 pin closures means No budging,No slipping
  • Perfect combination of shock absorption for the fetlock & tendon region.
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Our New Performance Short sleeve Base Layers