Cavallo Equestrian Wa

Bonnetts- Swarovski Crystals

$52.99 AUD

Introducing our Cavallo Equestrian Swarovski Crystal Bonnetts

  • The uniqueness of every bonnet is that they are handmade ,with our own Cavallo Equestrian design. Each bonnett is hand crochet and every crystal placed with love and delicacy.
  • Each bonnett takes over 30 hours to produce the final product,each swarovski crystal is attached via a heat transfer glue,to ensure a strong secure bond.
  • Made with soft cotton and smooth lycra ears,to insure no sensitivity to the horses coat or ears.The bonnet is contoured to the horses crown,so that they are comfortable for the horse to wear during training or attending shows.
  • There are 2 loops at each side of the bonnett,to secure the bonnett by putting the chin strap through and cheek piece on one side and this will secure the bonnet from moving.
  • With over 110 Real Swarovski Crystals per bonnett, they will catch the sun light rays and dance in all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Each crystal has many facets, once formed, each crystal is precisely cut with the company's patented cutting machines, then polished, and sometimes coated for effect. This combination results in a multitude of facets, as many as 100, each bend capable of refracting light in different directions.

  • Our exclusive bonnetts are delicate and strong,to maintain the longevity of your bonnett,we only recommend hand washing and drip dry. Our heat glue is waterproof and lasts for a very long time.
  • But over handling or rough handling can dislodged crystals,so caring for your product is definitely a must. This will keep your bonnett beautiful and ready to use over and over again.
  • Each bonnet comes with care recommendations and extra Swarovski crystals,in case you lose 1 or 2 crystal's over time.Our crystal bonetts have been tested in all conditions,washing and handling and will stay intact if looked after.

Available in Black with Swarovski Crystal

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