Wild Sulphur Horse!

A must read for all those who love history and endangered Wild Horses!

The very beautiful @river_themustang @establosdeiberia is wearing our Amara Lace show shirt,Amara Active Leggings and Amara Sareno Gloves, she is with her Wild Sulphur Mare who is in foal.

Here is some information on this amazing work this young woman does,in order to save and preserve the Sulphur Wild Horses.
Establos de Iberia is dedicated to the preservation of the rare Spanish Barb type Sulphur horse of the Sulphur Springs HMA. Currently listed in the rare breeds conservancy, these magnificent horses have direct ties to the Spanish horses of the 15th century that helped found America as we know it today, as well as promising ties to the north African Barb.

Currently Establos de Iberia has two feral caught Sulphur Mares and one domestic bred stallion of Rancho de Espana Antigua.
There are only 150 Wild Sulfur Horses in the Wild,with our breeding program and the help from the equestrian world,we together can save this rare and beautiful breed

Sulphurs stand between 13.3 and 15.1 with an average of 14.2 hands. Many exhibit strong primitive markings found in the zebra striping of their legs and a dorsal stripe known as "dun factor". They have many features of the Spanish type, including a flat forehead, fine muzzle, tipped in ears, triangular shaped eyes, deep chest, short back, and a D-shaped hip, which gives them smooth movement and a rollback to die for.

Our goal is to promote these horses in the public to help bring them back from an endangered horse breed and help riders to enjoy these wonderful special horses that have been a long kept secret.

You can read more about these horses here:



Stephanie is an amazing trainer and dedicated preservationist for these amazing horses. Having a few Sulphur HMA mustangs, I can personally vouch for their stunning movement and presence. Nothing can prepare you for what is feels like to ride one

Mark wilson julho 25, 2022

My friend has Sulphurs and three had babies in the last few months. I am buying the filly and am so excited to have her. I am willing to breed to another Sulphur in the future so that the breed continues

Charmell Cole julho 25, 2022

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