About us

About us

Cavallo Equestrian Wa is developing a sports line, that is focused on horse and rider functionality,we design pieces that combine style, performance, and affordability.

With amazing elasticity, enabling the rider to move freely from restrictions, with optimum balance and performance, this allows the rider to be more secure in the saddle. Cavallo Equestrian Wa brand was established in 2020.

We only use the highest of quality fabrics, material and technology, our products use 4 way stretch, antibacterial material allowing comfort for the active equestrian, designing equestrian apparel and tack with optimum performance and stability during riding or training. Our designs are strong,durable, breathable and for every active equestrian.

Cavallo Equestrian is designed by a rider for riders, a passion for horses and fashion has ignited my desire to create my brand and design performance attire with a touch of class.


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