Cavallo Equestrian Wa

White Patent Bell Boots

€9,96 EUR

Cavallo Equestrian®-Training Bell Boots,

  • Fur Faux collar on top of the bell boot, for optimum protection and  comfort for the horse, Neoprene inner lining provides a smooth moisture wicking surface for the horses pastern, over the coronary band and the hoof wall down to the heel.
  • Velcro tabs insure the perfect fit,a correctly sized bell boot should just touch the ground behind the bulbs of the heel while the horse is standing.
  • The mouth of the bell boot should be just loose enough to fit a finger or two between it and the horse's pastern.
  • White Patent Exterior for extra layer of protection and beautiful details,so you can shimmer and shine!

*Price is per Pair*

Matching Brushing Boots sold separately ☆

Care & Maintenance Clink the link below

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