130th Katanning Agricultural Show 2021

I had an absolute great day today at our local horse show , Cavallo Equestrian Wa  was a gold sponsor for the event. We sponsored breed classes and showjumping,which was such a pleasure to see so many competitors at our local show. A massive thank you to the Katanning Equestrian Association for asking our brand to be apart of this great day.

A thank you to all the committee members,judges,helpers and competitors,you all did an amazing job,such great community spirit and support for one another.

The signs on the jump wings were amazing and it was excellent to see so many major sponsors supporting this event.

The day was a beautiful sunny 23 degrees,perfect for everyone to enjoy their day riding,in hand and stock horse classes. All who attended the day were inviting and enjoyed themselves and made Cavallo Equestrian Wa feel very welcome,which was a great feeling. Thank you to all the competitors for allowing Cavallo Equestrian Wa to take photos of you all jumping over our little jump,it really made the day special..

I got to make some great new connections for future collaborations and really support my local communities. 

I personally can not wait to be active in our local equestrian community,Bring on 2022......

Rider Credit 📸 Daniegh Renton & Michelle Wrighton


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