Cavallo Equestrian Wa

Amara Sareno Gloves

$ 67.75 MXN $ 282.66 MXN
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  • Cavallo Equestrian Wa Beautiful Sareno Gloves,
  • Made with soft Sareno leather, Super flexible, Breathable inserts and are the perfect fit,
  • These training gloves look and feel amazing,Super Light weight,with Velcro adjustable closure wrist  strap,
  • Moisture-wicking properties allows the hands to stay cool and not sweat.
  • Breathable air holes allow from maximum ventilation, so no over heating or being to cold! 
  • All touch  screen mobile phones & Tablets compatible, You never have to take off your gloves to answer or type on your phone!
  • Black or Navy with Cavallo Equestrian Wa Logo  
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