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Amara Classic Black Active Riding Legging

$ 117.18 MXN $ 1,055.56 MXN

Amazing Elasticity, enabling the Rider to move freely from restrictions. with optimum balance and performance, this allows the rider to be more secure in the saddle. Bringing you closer to your horses movements.

Shape Defining,Enhancing the body's Beauty in Style with a touch of Class!

Pockets either side for a mobile phone or treats,with sparkle detail☆                           
Full clear wave silicone Seat & legs,provides stability and control.             

  • 100% Stylish
  •  100% Comfort
  • 100% Affordability
  •  ▪︎73%polyester 27% spandex material Blend
  • High waisted (10 cm)
  • ▪︎The best Rated Silicone Waves in the equestrian Market
  • The leggings are super cool in summer,there is no sweating or overheating riding in these leggings,
  • They are warm in winter and keep the body maintained at your physical activity.Our Polyester/ Spandex Blend material is incredibly durable, wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking.
  • It's also breathable and lightweight, so your sweat evaporates through the fabric and you'll stay dry.
  • Regular leg length to the ankle, Legging will be a little shorter on 6" - 6.2" height.
  • Taller leg length options are in progress ♡


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