Cavallo Equestrian Wa

Amara Lace Show Training Shirt-Long Sleeved

$ 535.19 MXN
No Restock This Year
  • The Amara Lace Show Shirt is a Beautiful soft, well fitting show shirt,
  • White collar with Cavallo Equestrian Wa 2 horse Logo is a perfect edition to the Top.
  • White cuffs give you the ability to wear under your show jacket in competition, Absolute breathable and extremely flexible when wearing,
  • The lace is a delicate classic touch to the Show top, made from 27% Spandex,73% Polyester,
  • The Amara Lace Show shirt blends style and performance. With a stretchy polyester base and lace sleeves, this shirt is comfortable and sophisticated. Snaps on cuffs.
  • Comes in  black/white cuffs,
  • Warm Hand Wash, Do not tumble dry or dry clean, Comes with garment care Brochure!

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