FEI Para Equestrian Champion

Congratulations to Ambassador Rosa-Lee Principe for winning FEI Para Equestrian Champion🏆 at the States over the weekend, we are all so happy for you,your amazing team and awesome sponsors


WA State Dressage Championships 2021 - Friday 3/9/2021 & Saturday 4/9/2021
Wow what a weekend. This year at the States I decided to just enter my FEI Para tests on PWP Rise Of Memphis (Memphis) as I went into the weekend with some niggling injuries and if I want to finish this season riding I need to rest my body as much as I can.
On Friday I rode my Para FEI Grade IV Team Test and scored a 70.563% and Saturday we rode our Para FEI Grade IV Individual Test and scored another 70.125%.
At Presentation we were also awarded FEI Para Equestrian Champion with the highest aggregate %. I am super happy with how the weekend went and how Memphis performed. He had settled nicely in the indoor arena Friday and a little unsettled Saturday but he still did a great scoring test. Memphis is not a big fan of the indoor arena as we all know. I am so proud of how he is progressing in his work and what an amazing partnership we have together. I just love ♥️ my boy and feel so lucky I get to ride this superstar.
A huge thanks goes to
Dressage Western Australia committee, helpers, marshals, volunteers and all the people behind the scenes. As a rider I have felt so supported in the sport by feature rider profiles articles, rider results on social media and being well informed by information on the internet throughout this event. All this takes so much time to do and for this I really have appreciated it. Everyone that I had seen on the weekend had been so kind and helpful which has made this event run so smoothly. You have all done such a great job.
The generous sponsors Hygain, Heiniger Equine - Australia & New Zealand and First Bit Equine that have supported our classes with beautiful rosettes, trophy rugs, vouchers and cash prizes which I received and are very grateful for.
Our wonderful and supportive judges that have given up their time to judge us and to give us positive feedback.
My super coach Colin Chantler who has made me a better rider and who helps me so much with Memphis's training. My goals have been achieved from all your help.
Marc Wolfenden my SUPER GROOM/partner for everything. The hours you spend helping me with the horses has been amazing. You give up your time to help me achieve my goals.
My personal sponsor Cavallo Equestrian Wa for the great gear you design for us to ride in.
Our Para Team sponsor Heiniger Equine for the amazing products that make the horses look amazing.
Jilly Hancock for your support, and it was so lovely to catch up with you for a chat.
I had a really awesome weekend watching great dressage tests and seeing amazing horses, meeting new people and catching up with friends.


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